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BECAUSE WATER IS OUR ESSENCE – you are what you drink


KANGENWASSER - your source of living water for optimal health on a holistic level

Imagine you would drink the healthiest and cleanest water directly from Mother earth - and yes, this is what Kangenwater stands for! Kangen means "back to source" and is inspired by Mother nature, as it has original spring water properties and can only be produced by a Kangen water ionizer.


Kangen water devices are the only medically certified ionizers in the world and produce 7 different types of water in terms of their pH value. It is not only the best drinking water for optimal hydration, detoxification and general well-being and health, but thanks to the different pH levels ​​it is used throughout the household and has over 70 uses - for cooking, washing, beauty care and so much more.



The three main properties of Kangen water


  • alkalize : it has a pH value higher than 7, which is ideal for drinking.

    Why drinking alkalized water?

    Due to our current lifestyle, such as stress, a less optimal diet, poor air conditions, radiation, etc. our body tends to be more or less acidic. This is effectively counteracted by relaxation, sleep, exercise, nature, an unprocessed plant-based diet and Kangen water, thanks to which the body's optimal acid-base balance can be restored.


  • rich in antioxidants : the ionization process produces molecular hydrogen, H2 - the most powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants neutralize harmful free radicals in the body that attack cells and tissues, which can lead to premature aging, fatigue, susceptibility to disease, and in the long term, to oxidative stress and degenerative, chronic diseases (cancer, dementia, Parkinson's etc.). H2 is considered to be one of the strongest free radical scavengers and thus protects the body to a high degree. 


  • Microstructure : The molecules in Kangen water are bonded together in smaller "associations", only 4 - 6 molecules form a so-called cluster. Thanks to this microstructure, the water can optimally hydrate the cells, transport waste materials and thus cleanse and detoxify the whole body. For comparison: In normal tap water, the cluster size is 15-20 molecules.









Wasser ist leben, Kangenwasser

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"Our body consists of 72% water, the brain from 85 - 90% - more than a reason for the best, pure, original water for optimal health."

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There are only four springs or holy springs in the world in which Kangen water occurs naturally. In India, Mexico, New Zealand and even in Germany, in the Sauerland.

Wasser ist leben, Kangenwasser

Uses throughout the household


Kangen water ionizers not only produce pure living drinking water, there are a total of 7 different types of water in terms of pH value (2.5 pH; 11.5 pH; 6 pH, 7 pH; 8.5 pH; 9 pH; 9.5 pH).

A total of over 70 possible applications are available, to name just a few:


  • 2.5 pH value: ideal for disinfection, cleaning and cleaning


  • 11.5 pH value: ideal for washing fruit and vegetables, removing oil and greasy stains


  • 6 pH value: beauty water, plant water

Since our skin has a pH value of 6, the beauty water is ideal for skin and hair. By mixing Kangen Water pH 6 with a few drops of good-smelling essential oil, you can easily make your own

Create a natural, refreshing skin spray the minimalist way.


  • 7 pH value: neutral water, ideal for taking medication and preparing baby food


  • 8.5 pH - 9.5 pH value: optimal, pure, alkalized, antioxidant-rich, micro-structured drinking water



You can find a whole list of the various possible uses

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Wasser ist leben, Kangenwasser, Enagic

Order your source of living water for your home and feel the benefits of lightness, joy and optimal health holistically.

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