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About Amelie

For a long time, I was disconnected from my intuition and heart. Especially during my later years in school, I learned to achieve and, above all, to function.


I never really asked myself what I truly wanted. Thus, my decisions up to my early university days were heavily influenced by my intellect, coupled with a strong perfectionism.

Until an intuitive impulse prompted a turning point. During a period in which I spent a lot of time with myself and delved deeply into self-reflection, drawing inspiration from personal development and spiritual teachings, Yoga found me first.

In 2018, I pursued training in Yoga at one of my beloved places, Bali.


A few years later, I discovered Breathwork, which provided me with profound insights, indescribable experiences, and inner growth.


And that's how I found what was meant to find me.

Because both practices were the most powerful tools on this journey to my true essence, I immediately knew I wanted to share this with the world – because Yoga gave me wings and Breathwork connected me to the deep roots of myself.

To create space for you in this journey is my dharma.


Das bin ich

"Que, que natura - listen to your heart, then you understand."

meine Angebote, Zeremonie, Atemsitzung


... And that's how I wish it for you. 
is for living your dreams, visions and from the heart – the world needs more feeling and softness; People who support each other, epower each other and live their light, without masks. 

That's why I see my dharma in giving, inspiring and empowering - I want to remind you that all is within yourself. I wish to see more people in the world that are living their truth.


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